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Welcome to Clarity4Action


Our Mission

Clarity4Action coaches and teaches young people, emerging adults and parents to integrate whole-person decision making into their lives, in order to get clarity and take purposeful action.

Our Vision

Whole-person decision making for a better world

Our Values


No one will be turned away for lack of funds


Welcoming people from all backgrounds 


Appropriate for all kinds of learners 


Teaching people to decide based on their own values & circumstance while honoring their season in life


Listening & adapting to the needs of those we work with while building content based on credible research and sound practice.

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Get Personal Decision Coaching

Individual Decision Coaching

Individual Decision Coaching with the VIDA Method equips you with tools and practices that will assist you in living more authentically while honoring your unique process for getting things done. If you’ve ever wanted to get more out of your decisions, person-centered coaching can provide a roadmap to get there.

Decision Parenting  

Apply the VIDA Method to your decisions, anchored in your values. Become conscious of choice points, gain confidence in being able to coach your family, and become proactive about navigating satisfying decisions that make sense. • Four 1-hour weekly online classes • Home activities to enhance integrated learning

Family Mediation Facilitation  

Intake for each person

Young people often struggle with uncertainty & wonder if they are “doing the right thing.” Our goal with the VIDA Method is participants will become skilled decision makers who recognize and approach common challenges mindfully. This is an invitation to create your own plan & take personal responsibility for living your values in everyday choices.


Explore Our Classes

CLASS: Decision Traps for Teens LIVE

$15 for our 90 minute class on outschool

Fri, Apr 30 / Meets Once / 6pm – 7:30pm Eastern
Sat, May 8 / Meets Once / 3pm – 4:30pm Eastern

Let’s watch a movie made by teens & play a game with 20 common Decision Traps that can trick our brains and create solutions.

CLASS: Decision Traps LIVE—let’s play a game and reveal our cognitive biases. It’s FREE!

If you love this class and want to Pay It Forward, you’ll have the opportunity afterwards to pay what it was worth to you!

Tue, May 4 / Meets Once / 9:30 pm – 11:00 pm Eastern 

Our goal is to integrate learning for all learning preferences – auditory, kinesthetic, and visual. For our online game, please

  • have the handouts downloaded and available to refer to either open on your computer or as a print out.
  • be present in Zoom on camera and with a working microphone or
  • be able to open the chat and add comments
  • Bring your favorite beverage and popcorn and we’ll see you on Zoom. If you have any trouble logging in, please contact me at

If you have a teen you are looking to enroll in a game event with peers, check out our listings above or on – Decision Traps for Teens facilitated by Amy Day.


What Do We Teach?


We incorporate the best from decades of decision science, brain-based learning, evocative coaching and design-thinking into our materials. Our goal is to help people navigate life successfully through an activated decision method and meaningful learning experience.


Core Motivation

My Learning Preferences

My Personal Strengths

What Do I Care About?

Who Am I?


My Internal

Operating System

My Brain & Habits

Decision Fitness & Biases

Reactive vs. Proactive

Fear & Anxiety

Beneficial Regret

Decision Process

Clear Steps

to Understanding

Orienting on the Opportunity

Preferences & Possibilities

Gathering Information

Evaluating & Integrating


 Get Clarity, Take Action

Resource Management

Practical Tools

Leadership & Communication

Your Support Network


Would You Like To

Partner With Us?

We Partner With:

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Schools, Students & Learning Communities


Parents & Caregivers


Youth Advocates & Mentors


Non-Profit & Faith Based Organizations


Medical & Mental Health Providers


Neuroscientists & Researchers

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